A native of Maryland, Gregson has been writing music and experimenting with art his entire life. He was
introduced to music and the performing arts by his mother at a young age. His love for the ocean inspires his
colorful seascapes.

For many years, he provided the vocals in Baltimore based hard rock bands Alexander and Crucible.  He has
played  throughout the Mid-Atlantic area.

His music is written on acoustic guitar, one he purchased when he was about 20 years of age and  named
"Georgie" after his mother Georgia.
With a foundation of rock, he is influenced by different cultures and brings
together genres to create a progressive and unique sound.

The CD , "Released" marks G
regson's maiden voyage as a solo artist and has been receiving great reviews.  
His love for the blend of acoustic and electric are evident. Gregson's lyrics are influenced from his experiences
in life, his own walk and practical journey. The songs are  promising, encouraging, hopeful.

Gregson is
also a seascape artist, influenced by his lifelong love of the ocean.  The art on the front cover of the
album "Released" was painted by him and can be viewed in this site's art gallery.

Gregson's choice of medium is acrylic on canvas and his style is greatly influenced by the Hudson
River School of Art painters such as Frederick Edwin Church an
d the great seacape artist,  Ivan Aivazovsky.
His love for detail  requires many hours of work and  his pallet usually incorporates strong vibrant colors used
to simulate the effect of natural light.  His subjects are a combination of the places he has visited and