The album: " Released" has received radio play and
we have had great response from around the world.
The CD is available on iTunes and at
Hard copies from A mix of acoustic
and electric / wood and steel this album touches
various styles of music with a home in rock. It has
been called progressive and powerful.
The video, "Released" from the title track of the CD, is
available on YouTube> Gregson Lunz - Released.

This is a great opportunity to introduce the album to
people that we would not otherwise have the ability to do.
With your help and support, we are hoping to reach a
large number of people. Please like and share it on your
social media, friends, neighbors...... You get the picture
Contact Info for all
Gregson Lunz Studios - Art Gallery:  For
appointments call 410-526-0710.

n addition: Pink Lotus Yoga Studio with yoga
trainer Jodi Pozanek. Classes are set up by
sessions and private sessions available. You
can email us for more info at
Working hard in the studio. New CD release
coming in 2019. Music influenced by the many
cultures around the world that embrace the ocean
life. " I have been interested in the music that I have
heard from Polynesia, Portugal, California surf
music, the Carribean, etc. It's a natural step for me
to paint and write music that have these
Gregson is happy to announce that he has
partnered with VIDA to use his art for their
prints.  Great summer designs. Visit the
VIDA page to access the store and put in
your order.